Art is our passion. Music is our inspiration.

We are dedicated to the creation of content such as NFT, logo, music, etc., for Shimmer and IOTA projects exclusively.
Together we want to bring our work and experience to IOTA and Shimmer.

As Atelier22 succeeds, our NFTs will evolve, and so will we.



She has a major in fine arts. With a very elaborate, original and tasteful style, always focusing on details. She also contributes in the musical creation, with her superb piano and singing skills.


Self-taught by nature. Restless, with a lot of musical influences. He did not hesitate to create a world of sound for any project. He also offers logo, graphic and web design services.

| Ambient |

| Chiptune |

| Symphonic |

| Electronic |



Sound design



Mix & Mastering


NFT creation

Logo design

Character Design

Price listing coming soon!



YODOT is our 1st NFT collection, whose design has been inspired by the biblical story of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.
The word Yodot comes from Yod, the 10th letter of the Hebrew alphabet, which is represented by a dot and a small tail. We wanted to represent beings with a reptiloid aspect, inspired by the serpent of Genesis, and with a rounded shape, which can evoke a fruit, as well as the letter Yod itself.
The large eyes represent the phrase of Genesis 3:7:
"And the eyes of them both were opened..."

This collection has the benefit of a lifetime discount on all our services;
The discount will vary depending on the NFT obtained, starting at a 2% discount. You will be able to accumulate discounts by purchasing more than 1 NFT, up to a maximum of 20%. In addition, there are special NFTs that will give a 50% discount.

More NFT are coming!

This collection will be part of a saga of 4 collections, each in a different style: 3D, Psychedelic Pixel art, oil painting and Japanese Anime style.
* The styles and the number of collections are subject to change.

* If you are new using Soonaverse, first of all, your will need to download Metamask, and add the IOTA EVM NETWORK.
Once you have it, Set up your Soonaverse profile.



More information about use and utilities of our token coming soon...